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E-Commerce Website Design


We've been delivering bespoke e-commerce systems for more than 10 years and have seen incredible results from these types of websites, for example:

  • We've seen entrepreneurs come to see us with an online business idea, and within a couple of years we've been looking back on their journey to £1m annual turnover from e-commerce.
  • We've seen established successful businesses come to speak to us about moving into e-commerce, only for online sales to quickly exceed their traditional sales.
  • We've redesigned and restructured already successful e-commerce websites, and watched sales double once our new bespoke e-commerce system is launched.

Our business thrives when we deliver growth for our e-commerce customers, so we have a huge incentive to make sure every e-commerce client on our books is achieving the maximum possible sales with the website we have designed and built for them.

Why a Bespoke E-Commerce Website?

Cheap, off-the-shelf e-commerce systems will sell some product, but search engine performance and conversion rates can never be fully optimised and maximised.

A bespoke e-commerce website means one which is designed and delivered exclusively for your business, your product and your customers.

It's completely flexible so features can be added and amended any time, and by monitoring performance on an ongoing basis we can squeeze every last sale from its visitors.

Best of all the code is lightweight, written in a standardised MVC format which any developer can work with in the future, and once you have bought the system, you own it.

How do I maximise sales?

The first step of course is to get the right e-commerce system for your business in place - that means meeting with us to map out it's layout, structure and features.

Once in place we show you how to add and manage it's products and content so that Google likes your website as much as your customers do.

You then have options to supercharge performance by running a Search Engine Optimisation campaign for example.

Finally, we'll help you fine tune your website as the months go by, by helping you interpret your Google Analytics reports, and by running User Testing campaigns for you.

By continually improving and fine tuning your bespoke e-commerce website you have the opportunity to see the same high levels of growth our current clients have enjoyed.