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Google AdWords


Using Google AdWords enables you to send highly targeted traffic to your website on a pay-per-click basis.

The advantage of using Google AdWords is that you'll see an instant increase in web traffic, and provided your campaign is well set up, you'll see an instant increase in sales and/or leads generated as a result.

When you stop spending on Google AdWords, traffic levels revert immediately to previous levels.

When to use Google AdWords

Using Google AdWords can be highly profitable - we have clients who know they will generate £2 for every £1 they spend.

But it's important to bear in mind that Search Engine Optimisation and Google Online Marketing deliver wider, longer term benefits.

Google AdWords delivers instant, precise results, whereas other methods can be thought of more as an investment in your website's long term Google ranking.

Maximising Return-On-Investment

Anybody can set up a Google AdWords campaign, but few can do it properly.

A poorly optimised campaign results in a higher spend for fewer clicks with fewer conversions at the end of the process.

Campaign optimisation starts at the keyword selection stage, and ends with landing page optimisation - the very end of the process.

How is the service delivered?

We've lots of experience running successful Google AdWords campaigns.

But clients generally prefer that we empower them to run their own campaigns, so that they can modify priority keywords themselves each month.

We provide you with a one-on-one training session which will enable you to select the best value keywords, setup your campaign properly, and understand how to maintain and adjust it on a week-by-week basis.

We'll also advise on landing page optimisation to make sure you have the highest possible chance of achieving an enquiry or sale from each click you pay for.