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Google Online Marketing


Once your website has good Search Engine Optimisation in place, it's often profitable to carry out Google Online Marketing.

It's important to understand that Search Engine Optimisation relates work that is done on your website to help it rank well in search engines.

Google Online Marketing takes place away from your website, to promote your URL in Google, so that Google ranks your website above your competitors' websites.

How does Google Online Marketing work?

In return for a monthly fee we source publicity within Google that will help your website rank well on your priority key phrases.

Commonly this will involve sourcing relevant directory listings, blog posts, news articles, social media references, discussion board mentions and links on other websites for example.

As Google sees your website mentioned consistently every month on relevant, high ranking websites, it naturally regards your website as important, so ranks it higher.

What results should I expect?

We've been able to achieve number one positions on highly competitive national key phrases for many clients by using Google Online Marketing in conjunction with good Search Engine Optimisation.

Your results will depend on the current standing of your website in Google, how competitive your target key phrases are (e.g. 'Cheap iPads' is a far more competitive phrase than 'Chartered Surveyors in Bolton'), how far advanced your rivals are with Google Online Marketing and what your monthly budget is compared to theirs.

We're able to scan your website and your competitors and advise on what work, timescale and budget is likely to be required in order to see you rise up the listings, and generate more sales and leads.

Although our campaigns are always focussed on achieving best results in Google, you will always see similar uplift in smaller search engines such as Bing and Yahoo as a result of your Google Online Marketing campaign.

How is my Google Online Marketing campaign delivered?

At the outset we agree campaign goals with you, a fixed monthly fee and a minimum period within which results would normally be seen within your market.

We report back at the end of each month with a summary of work done, and a scan on the ranking of your pre-agreed benchmark key phrases so you can see the impact work has had (at least 3 months are needed to see initial results).

You're free to change benchmark key phrases at any time - it's often a good idea to rotate priority key phrases once high positions are hit in order to spread the benefit of Google Online Marketing across your whole website.