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Hosting & Support

We provide our customers with an all-in-one Hosting & Support package.

This means a single low quarterly fee for hosting, and for access to our support desk so that you can ask for help and advice from our team when you need it.

It means you can plan your web budget easily, and it means that in the event of a problem, you have us on hand immediately.

Hosting & Support

Your Hosting & Support package will include Google Optimised Hosting which we will configure and manage for you.

You'll never have to worry about upgrading your web server, or installing security packages - we'll take care of all aspects of your web hosting for you.

And your website performance will be increased thanks to the extra speed and reliability you'll enjoy compared with competitors who have cheap shared hosting.

(If you have upgraded to a dedicated server, we'll operate a Support & Maintenance package for you, which will provide the same service for your own server).

Support Desk Access

You'll be able to raise a ticket with our support desk by email or telephone any time.

Our team will pick these up and will always respond within one working day.

Support desk can be used for issues such as:

  • Assistance using your CMS
  • Advice on Copywriting for Google
  • Reporting a problem with your website
  • Assistance with Google Analytics
  • Requesting advice on options for improving performance
  • Requesting occassional small changes which cannot be made via your CMS
  • Asking our team to review changes you have made

In addition to the above, your Hosting & Support contract means we'll contact you from time to time with suggestions on how to get better results from your website.

It's better for us if you're generating more leads and sales, and we speak to every client throughout the year to provide whatever assistance we can.