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Our business has thrived because of our Search Engine Optimisation expertise.

We've taken clients in various sectors from zero online sales to £1m+ online sales by building effective websites, and backing them with high performing, expert Search Engine Optimisation.

Our expertise with Google SEO in particular means we can drive customers to your website and generate leads and sales - it's an ongoing service that doesn't stop once your website is built.

How does SEO work?

There are three elements to effective Search Engine Optimisation.

  • First, we code your website so that Google understands what each page is about, and understands its importance on different keywords. There are many elements to achieving this, and our website sign off procedure confirms they are all in place before a new website goes live.
  • Second, we help make sure your website contains appropriate, relevant content which Google will understand. This may mean organising copywriting for you, or simply providing you with the right advice so that you can update your website with Google-friendly text through your Content Management System.
  • Third, we advise on how to make sure Google thinks your site is more important than your competitors' websites. This involves getting coverage for your website on other relevant or high performing websites within your sector - for more information on this process see our Google Online Marketing page.

"I want to be top of Google!"

It's worth stopping for a moment to consider this phrase, as it's the most common response we receive when we ask a customer what they are looking to achieve with their SEO.

As an objective, it's flawed in many ways - it is often possible to get somebody to the top of Google on a particular phrase, but Analytics shows that your customers search using 100s of different phrases, including slight variations and mis-spellings.

From a business point of view, it's much more profitable to be top 5 on 20 phrases than it is to be first on one phrase.

So a sensible and profitable SEO objective would be "to increase natural search traffic from 3,000 to 5,000 visits per month" for example - we'll always encourage you to measure results on sales and leads generated rather than a single position on a particular "trophy phrase", which may result in no extra sales.

How can I book your SEO service?

Every website we build is fully search engine optimised as standard.

After launch, we can provide search engine optimisation reports any time, to advise on quick wins that will help you generate more traffic, and to confirm that the content you have been adding is search optimised.

To fully maximise natural search traffic we also offer Google Online Marketing which will see your website achieve regular publicity, which in turn will improve your search rankings, in return for a monthly fee.